Killington, Vermont

Killington is an American town that is located in Rutland County, Vermont. The city covers an area of forty-six square miles and has a population of eleven hundred people. This town can trace its history back to the eighteenth century, when the town received it original charter. Two years later, Reverend Samuel Peters climbed to the top of Killington Peak and christened the state of Vermont. In 1810, the town went by the name Sherbune and had a population of one hundred people, a stark contrast from the state of Vermont which had a population of two hundred thousand people at the time. By the mid nineteenth century , the population of the town had reached six hundred residents. It was said during this time that the town had more cows than men, and more sheep than cows. The majority of the population was sheep farmers, an existence that was very difficult because of the harsh winters and the heavy population of coyotes and wolves. Because of these rough conditions, many of the farmers left the town and the population suffered a drop. By 1958, the population of the town was only two hundred and sixty residents. It was during this year that the Killington Ski Resort was opened to the public. This resort was the brainchild of Preston Leete Smith and started the town down the road of becoming a resort town. In 1999, the town changed its name from Sherbune back to Killington. Today, the town has a beautiful and scenic view of the mountains.

The most popular attraction in the town is the Killington Ski Resort. Killington Ski Resort is the biggest ski area in North America and can serve as many as seventeen thousand skiers in a single day. The base elevation of the resort is eleven hundred feet and the vertical drop is over three thousand feet. There are seven mountain peaks in the area of this resort which include Pico Peak, Ramshead Peak, Skye Peak, Bear Mountain, Killington Peak, Snowden Peak and Sunrise Mountain. There are also one hundred and ninety-one trails located in the area, and combined they total over eighty-eight miles. Thirty-nine percent of the runs here are advanced difficulty, thirty-three percent are intermediate difficulty and twenty-eight percent are basic difficulty. The resort has twenty-nine lifts. Two are gondolas, eleven are quadruples, six are triples, four are doubles and five are surface lifts.

Other attractions in the town of Killington include Gifford Woods State Park, Outback, Leffert’s Pond, Appalachian Trail Adventures, Killington Golf Course, Killington School for Tennis, Killington – Pico Adventure Center, President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, Killington Mountain, Thundering Falls Trail, McLaughlin Falls, Pickle Barrel Night Club, Wobbly Barn, Inn of the Six Mountains, Mountain Green Resort Hotel, Fall Line Condominiums, Killington Grand Resort Hotel, Cascades Lodge and North Star Lodge. Restaurants in the town of Killington include Mendon Mountainview Lodge Restaurant, Hemingway’s Restaurant, Grist Mill Restaurant, Garlic, Out Back Pizza, Choices Restaurant and Charity’s Tavern.